理想の働き方を手に入れた Ideal work style balancing two jobs
by working four days a week


事務 2014年入社

ダブルワークを楽しんでいます Clerical job and manicurist
I enjoy double work


After working part-time for nine years, I became a full-time employee. When I was part-time, I worked three days a week, and the rest of the days I worked from home as a manicurist. After becoming a full-time employee, I work as an office worker four days a week, and work as a manicurist at home two days a week. This life is ideal and I am very blessed.

「通関ってなに?」からのスタート Starting from “What is customs clearance?”


My job involves inputting data on purchased cars, arranging land transportation for the cars, and preparing shipping customs clearance documents. It’s a very professional job. Most of the documents are in English, and even in Japanese there are many technical terms that I don’t understand. I started by asking, ``What is customs clearance?’’ It took me several years to learn the job from scratch while being taught by the company president and senior colleagues.

自分らしく仕事ができる場所 A place where you can work in your own way


This job keeps me busy throughout the year, and time seems to pass quickly. You can also set your own schedule and work at your own pace. After work, I head home with a sense of fulfillment. Currently, I am the only Japanese person on the full-time staff, so the atmosphere is very international. I believe that this company is a place where you can work in your own way, regardless of your nationality, age, or gender, as long as you are motivated.