We export and sell Japanese used cars to countries all over the world, including Africa, North America/Caribbean countries, and Europe. Since our founding, we have steadily increased the number of countries we do business with, leveraging our strength in business that emphasizes cross-border communication.

When you visit small countries in Africa or islands in the Caribbean, you often see Japanese cars with Magari Japan stickers on the streets. Although many of the countries we trade with are unfamiliar to Japanese people, Japanese used cars are popular all over the world. We want to become a bridge between Japan and overseas through used cars.

マガリジャパンの取引国の一部を紹介します! Trading country Magari Japan’s used cars are enjoying a second life all over the world!

  • アフリカ
  • ヨーロッパ
  • 北アメリカ
  • カリブ諸国



We buy and sell both domestic and imported cars. With our advanced technical capabilities, we also support after-sales maintenance. Delivery is possible anywhere in the country.