Caribbean countries

街でマガリジャパンのステッカーをつけて走る車をみかけることもしばしば。 The Caribbean Sea was the first place Columbus arrived when he crossed the Atlantic Ocean.Even today, there are many buildings from the British colonial era, and it is a popular resort area for Westerners. You can often see cars with Magari Japan stickers on the streets.

ジャマイカ、その他 Jamaica

カリブ諸国で一番の経済圏を持つリーダー的な国。大きな港があり、近隣国へのハブ港としての役割も担っています。ジャマイカの人はとても車に詳しく、家族と同じくらい車を愛しています。カリブ諸国の中でもいち早く日本から中古車輸入を始めました。 Jamaica is a leading country with the largest economy in the Caribbean. It has a large port and serves as a hub port to neighboring countries. Jamaican people are very knowledgeable about cars and love them as much as their families. Jamaica was one of the first Caribbean countries to begin importing used cars from Japan.

Trading country Magari Japan’s used cars are enjoying a second life all over the world!

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