フォルクスワーゲンなどの中古車が本国へ再輸入される場合もあります。 In Europe, demand for Japanese used cars is high in the UK, Germany, and the Netherlands, and highly desirable cars are particularly popular. In some cases, high-quality used cars such as Porsche, BMW, and Volkswagen that were active in Japan are re-imported to the home country.

イギリス UK

イギリスでは日本の中古のハイブリッドカーが特に人気です。以前は日本にしかないスポーツカーも人気でしたが、輸入規制の影響で、最近は燃費の良い車やミニバンなどの需要が高まっています。 Used Japanese hybrid cars are particularly popular in the UK. Sports cars that were only available in Japan used to be popular, but due to import regulations, demand for fuel-efficient cars and minivans has increased recently.

Trading country Magari Japan’s used cars are enjoying a second life all over the world!

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