North America

カナダは、代表の出田が20代で滞在し、「日本の中古車を世界に輸出する事業をしよう」と決意した、思い入れの深い国です。 In the North American market, Japanese cars are highly regarded as `vehicles with high durability and high resale value,' and Japanese light trucks have also increased in popularity in recent years. Canada is a country that our company's representative, Ideta, has a deep fondness for after visiting in his 20s and deciding to start a business exporting Japanese used cars to the world.

アメリカ合衆国 United States of America

大西洋岸の都市には、世界的な金融・文化の発信地ニューヨークや首都ワシントン D.C. などがあり、中西部の大都市シカゴは建築史に残る超高層ビル群で知られ、西海岸のロサンゼルスはハリウッドの映画制作で有名です。 Cities on the Atlantic coast include New York, the world's center of finance and culture, and the capital Washington, D.C. Chicago, a large city in the Midwest, is known for its historic skyscrapers, and Los Angeles on the West Coast is home to Hollywood. It is famous for its film production.

カナダ Canada

カナダの魅力は、雄大な自然と寛容な国民性。移民国家カナダでは世界中から集まった人々が暮らしており、特にトロントは「人種のモザイク」と呼ばれるほど。街ではさまざまな文化を垣間見ることができます。 Canada's charm is its magnificent nature and tolerant national character. Canada is a nation of immigrants and is home to people from all over the world, with Toronto in particular being called a ``racial mosaic.'' The city offers a glimpse of different cultures.

Trading country Magari Japan’s used cars are enjoying a second life all over the world!

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